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We have all seen the headlines where amazon recently delivered its very first package using drones. This is a huge step forward for society and humanity as a whole. Its almost as exciting as the first time we went to the moon. Its was something new no one had ever seen before. All of the hard work that scientists had put in finally payed off. These are very exciting times to be living in. However we must also sit and think about all of the new problems some of these advances will create. Since everything is brought to us with science and technology does this mean the health of our population will worsen over time? All animals including humans need exercise. We are no exception to this rule. If you completely cut out shopping from something we regularly have to do, that cuts out a huge chunk of physical activity we are used to taking part in. Everyone will love to get their purchases delivered via drone which will then make it hard to real stores to remain open due to lack of sales. For men this spells trouble. Here is an example. Lots of men already how it is worry about the size of their penis. Just in case you didn’t know your flaccid penis size is completely determined by blood flow. If we all sit around and eat cheese burgers all day, our veins and arteries will get clogged up. This will make men worry more than ever. The hispanic site is a website where they offer all types of solutions for penis enlargement. Sites like this might do a lot better over time and you can thank advances in technology for this. We love getting feedback from our readers. As usual if you have any questions or concerns you can always contact us. We take the time to read every single email we receive.

What if you read a story online about how there is a country where the majority of the people did nothing but eat fake processed food and were relying more and more on conveniences and not doing anything. As horrible as that sounds that is actually what is happening in first world countries. We are becoming so reliant on luxuries people are starting to forget what its like to actually work hard to live life. The worst problem related to this though is the atrocious effect its having on the health. We constantly hear about celebrities to are in poor health and even in some cases developing cancer. For this reason many people will money spend more money on better food and try and stay way from unhealthy meats. As humans we have the technology to order something and getting it delivered to your home within an hour but we cant seem to be able to get a fast food restaurant that sells food that wont give you cancer.

Before when we were all cavemen we would have to work hard in order to eat. We would have to chase animals. Sometimes we caught them other times we didn’t. This whole process no longer exists. Its a crucial process for human health. Cavemen had no reason to go to the gym. They would get their normal exercise just by carrying out their normal day. Its been proven that the closer you get to the way would live if we were cavemen the better. Obviously living in a cave is not necessary, but things like eating healthy and maintaining a active lifestyle would be a great start.